Welcome to Scissorantics. A Didsbury Barbers Hairdressers. Heaton Mersey.

Above Cutting Edge Barbers @ 482, Didsbury Rd, Heaton Mersey. Between Didsbury and The Heatons. SK4 3BS

Mark Stapleton is a Ladies precision haircutter and Barber second to none, a haircutting and texturing master with multiple scissors and a passion for creating the best haircuts, photography and web design for lovely people. Ladies precision haircutting from just £29.50 for the very de-stressing backwash experience with cleansing and deep conditioning treatment with styling. > Ladies long hair and complete re-styles with cleansing, deep conditioning and profound treatment for your hair from just £37.50 > Ladies shorter dry/damp haircutting from just £19.50


Fantastic Ladies Haircutting


Mens Brilliant Barbering. The very best....

Open 7 days a week usually. 9am – 7pm weekdays. 9am – 4/5pm weekends. No pay guarantee of satisfaction.

A Didsbury Barbers Hairdressers

Didsbury Rd. Heaton Mersey. SK4 3BS

Gentlemans Brilliant Haircutting Menu

Gents really precise and balanced haircutting for likely your best cut ever. All haircuts by Mark (aka Scissorantics) are no-fee guaranteed if you are at all unhappy with your haircut. I put my money where my mouth is and I’m not known for false modesty. Ooops! Call me on 07758 228198

Mens Ace Haircutting From Just £10*

Mens really, really good haircutting from just £10 to £12.50 + if you need hair cleansing and conditioning, and why not? From £15 for longer hair and difficult clients! From just £7 for under 14’s and non-working, definitely retired, no longer earning oldies Mondays to Wednesdays. ;oP

Ladies Brilliant Haircutting Menu

Brilliant, balanced and longer-lasting Ladies haircutting with amazing bio-nutritional hair treatments. New hair studio opening upstairs soon, colouring services on the way in weeks. You will be delighted with your hair or you pay nothing. Now’t. Not a penny. How good is that?

Ladies Ace Haircutting From Just £20*

Ladies really, really good haircutting from around £20 to £27.50 if you need hair cleansing and conditioning, or from just £37.50 complete re-styling. From just £15 to £20 for under 14’s young Ladies and the more mature client! Mondays to Wednesdays. ;oP

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Mark at work in former salons. Watch the short videos below.

Having worked in many Barbershops and Hairdressing Salons in Withington, Cheadle, East and West Didsbury, and Manchester city centre, I now run my own place again and am back, full force, in Ladies hairstyling and Gentleman’s haircutting and grooming. Get in touch for exceptional haircutting, colouring and highlighting. 07519 943579

A Didsbury Barbers Hairdressers on Didsbury rd. Three top Didsbury Barbers and two ladies hair-stylists. Call in to meet us fro a free consultation without obligation, we are open 7 days a week in the Barbers and 6 days in the Ladies Hair Studio.

Leanne is our new member of the team and set for management responsibilities, which I know she will do brilliantly, happily and willingly. A lovely personality with international hairdressing experience through travelling, Leanne is now settled back in the UK and offers great discounts for new clients, for the time being.

Contact Mark or Leanne @ Heatons Hair Studio for a FREE consultation or for a FREE haircut for our photography and video gallery. FREE haircut, conditioning and studio photography.

Contact us if you want the best haircutting in the business. We are not known for false modesty. FREE consultation and coffee! No obligation to commit, we would still like to meet you. MODELS WANTED FOR VIDEO HAIR WORK AND FREE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY. We are the best and most cost-effective Didsbury Barbers Hairdressers in Didsbury and the Heatons.

07519 943579

We would like to thank all our clients and friends for helping to make our first year so successful. Now very busy from dinnertime onwards usually, your best chance for a “no-wait” haircut is in the mornings and on the first three days of the week. We still haven’t got round to upgrading the shop yet but we are too busy right now, and a little exhausted. Happy Christmas to everyone and have a fantastic New year.

A Didsbury Barbers and Didsbury Hairdressers on Didsbury Rd.